About our Beers

We import Craft Beer from all over Europe, from IPA to Imperial Stout… We got them all. But not just any… THE BEST!
We handpick the best beers around Europe and are importing currently from more than five countries and over a dozen breweries regularly, so you never miss a good Craft Beer.
We have beers ranging from Session IPA’s, Pale Ale’s, IPA’s, Sour’s, Porter’s, Stout’s, Imperial Stout’s, Bock’s and Ice Bock’s, Barrel Aged beers and many more… That means, no matter if you’re used to a German factory Pils and never even tried an IPA before, we’ve got something for you! And for those of you who aren’t a fan of beer at all… We’ve got Cider too!
After the beers arrived with us, they are picked and set out to more than twenty bars and shops in half a dozen major cities all across Germany.

About us

After moving from England to Germany, with years of experience in the drink trade, the idea came to introduce Germany to the world of Craft Beer (a challenge in itself). But we don’t just import any beer, we taste test every single one of them and decide whether it’s good enough to sell to our customers. And we always keep in mind to offer a broad variety, so we can fulfill every wish!
After more than four years of trading Europe’s best Craft Beer, we are now capable of finding the perfect taste of every beer-lover… You included!
Sometimes we don’t find the best, the best finds us!It’s our passion to deliver you high quality Craft Beer!

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